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Our olive press is a familiar enterprise that begins to produce the olive oil of our region from 1963. For almost half century our objective is to offer this precious commodity in our customers in a way that contains all those components for the human health but also the characteristics where rendering it the tastiest greasy food in the nature.

At the same time in our ranches we cultivate biologically, 3.000 roughly olive trees, citrus fruits, vine and other fruit trees, factoring products of high alimentary value and flavor.


The olives reaching in the olive press are checked carefully in their all stages of becoming oil. Afterwards defoliation and the washing we have the milling of oil - crop. Here the olives are crashed in two ( 2 ) stages ( precutting and final cutting ) for the evasion of thermic increases paste. This stage is very important because the high speeds and high temperatures that are developed instant by the cut, degrade most nutritiously and tasty characteristically of olive oil.

As soon as the granite millstones finish off the work milling follows the process of kneading. An electronic system PLC latest generation checks continuously the temperature in the walls of mixers in order that the paste do not exceed 27o C. Having it ensures completely cold elision paste it enters in the final stage of export of olive oil.


In 1963 Nicholas Antonopoulos founded the first olive press in St. Thomas Messologi Aitoloakarnania.

This was the era of conventional presses with small devices and productivity enough manpower. The oil came out with great effort and take too long. As the olives are increasing year after year, should be increased and production. So new machinery added in the production process. At the same time evolving the Olive Oil industry throughout Europe, changing in Greece too and the operation of olive presses.

From then until now the Antonopoulos family, respecting the tradition, combined with new technology, care to produce high quality products related to oil both the mill and from organic farms that has.

The above painting depicts a part of the olive press in 1971 and is the work of Mesolongi's painter Iphigenia Lagana. Distinguished Nicholas Antonopoulos and his wife, Vasiliki. Today the company is run by Dimitri Antonopoulos, continuing the family tradition as second generation olive oil industry.